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At Jools Newsome bespoke fitness, Liverpool Street, London, we pride ourselves on our ability to get clients results using proven methods adapted to each individual, we will help tackle self imposed barriers keeping you focused towards becoming a healthier, slimmer more energetic version of your current self.


The best approach to not only losing weight, but maintaining a lighter you indefinitely. Our commitment is to maximise your time efficiency, optimise your health and deliver gold standard results! When you make the decision to work with us you’re guaranteed to achieve your goals faster whilst enjoying the journey!


Whatever your goals we achieve them together, we’re a team! It’s my duty to walk you every step of the way, guiding you towards your health, fitness and body transformation, we will keep you accountable though your highs and lows and times your self discipline is challenged.

As a personal trainer based in Liverpool Street, London…

I’m with you… I deal with people like yourself every day… Long days, busy schedules with little time to think about what to eat, never mind fitting in a fitness schedule! We all have 168 hours per week, the difference is what we do, and how we use our time. I’ve found it’s far too common for people to set unrealistic expectations, motivated only to quit soon after, confused, lost and overwhelmed. My focus is to keep things simple by designing a programme and routine to suit your lifestyle, resulting in a fitter, stronger, leaner and more confident version of yourself, in as little as 12 weeks.

Transform your physique in less than 12 weeks – Personal Trainer, Liverpool Street, London

Juggling work, life and family can leave little time to tackle your health and fitness goals. Over the years I’ve discovered people don’t have time to spend hours in the gym, don’t have time to use fancy nutrition calculators and other fitness tech.

Thats cool, you don’t need to! The key ingredient with a busy schedule and long days is maximising the limited time available to exercise and adopt a smart nutrition strategy that fits your lifestyle. All my levels of service guarantee a solution to get fitter, slimmer and leaner in less than 4 hours per week. No more stop start training and wasted time in the gym, this training system will transform your physique, but more importantly it will create a happier more confident version of you, in less than 12 weeks!

This is achieved using advanced strategies with resistance training. Your training will include bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, barbells and kettle-bells along side other training equipment. The key focus is to ramp your metabolism turning your body into a fat burning machine, building a fit, lean, healthier you!

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