About me – personal-trainer, London

I’ve been very fortunate to convert my passion for health and fitness into a full time career. For me, health and wellbeing is the foundation of life and something thats always been a No1 priority. I started my career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer back in 2009, spending the first 2 and a half years in a commercial club gaining experience and learning my craft helping people of all backgrounds to get in great shape and implement the strategies and habits required to live a healthy positive lifestyle. In 2011 I moved to an independent club which helped me further develop and grow as a coach and helped me to build my brand and grow my success by helping clients reach their health and fitness goals.

3 years on in 2014, I reached a pivotal point. Hungry for a new challenge and life experience, I headed out to Australia, doing what I know best and what I’m passionate about – Helping people make positive changes, getting exceptional results.

Fast forward 6 years to 2020 as I write this I’m very grateful to have a successful personal training business and a fantastic client base some of which have been training with me coming up to 4 years. I’ve enjoyed a fantastic career to date, learning from a multitude of life- changing courses and attending seminars, learning from some of the greatest coaches in the world: Charles Poliquin and Phil Learney, with over 11 years experience and knowledge I look forward to sharing this with you. I’m a results focused coach.

My passion is to get you to your desired goal in the quickest time possible. This is achieved by challenging the mind set and developing the skills needed to get your desired goal. Together we will implement new habits and skills needed to manage a healthy lifestyle by yourself, whilst empowering the right decisions to sustain what you have achieved through a bespoke coaching, tailored nutrition and training approach.

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