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Inspirational personal trainer

Jools is an enthusiastic and inspirational personal trainer. His knowledge and skill has helped me to lose over 25kg so far in weight, as well as toning and re-shaping my body, his nutritional knowledge and guidance has helped me to understand and live a healthier and balanced lifestyle.The programmes which Jools produces and adapts to [...]

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Exceeded my targets

I used to find it incredibly hard to motivate myself to go to the gym and always found that I wasn’t hitting my targets I was setting myself. But since beginning training with Jools I have found myself exceed all the targets I had at the start and have found myself continually pushing for the [...]

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The results I’d been trying for.

I first started personal training with Jools in April 2013 when he introduced me to weight lifting. I wanted the help of a personal trainer as I was tired of spending hours on the treadmill on ridiculously low calories wondering why I still looked 'soft', unhealthy and always felt tired. Jools provided me with a [...]

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40% to 15% BF, in 6 months

Jools was instrumental in my transformation to gain back my health and shape my body. I went from 140kg and 40% body fat, to roughly 90kg and 15% body in a period of 6 months (and still improving). Jools is an expert in body composition, techniques and nutrition. He always follows the cutting edge research [...]

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                                          NUTRITION EXPLAINED IN A NUTSHELL  Its the start of January and everybody’s already lost and confused as to which diet works best… what to eat.. High carb low carb the list goes on on […]

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OPEN FOR TRAINING In accordance with the latest government guidance, I’m taking bookings to train existing clients and new clients from local playing fields/ parks and client gardens, the studio is optimistic to re-open early July. I have extensive hygiene measures in place in regards to training equipment and social distancing.
Just like you, I’m continually monitoring all global developments in the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19. Following guidance and daily updates from the UK health authorities. I will endeavour to answer all of the commonly-asked COVID-19 and coronavirus questions, and will continue to update this page as further questions arise.