I help busy professionals lose fat, increase lean muscle and turbo charge their fitness levels to feel great and buzz full of confidence!I’m here to help, how I help depends on how much help you require!There are 3 levels of bespoke services all with different levels of supportThe package that will suit you is dependent on how quickly you want to see results, combined with the time you can devote to create those results for yourself.

If you think you need my full support then my Elite service will suit you to a tee! Training  4 times per week you will be in peak performance, gaining exception results in no time!

Elite Transformation Package (12 weeks)

£1120 Per Month *4x Sessions Per Week

The elite package is for the busy professional with regular daily stress and little time to think about what needs to be done in the gym to fulfil health and fitness goals.This elite package is a service that takes care of everything from training right across to nutrition programming.

  • 4x personal training sessions per week (16 per month), fully customised and progressing weekly
  • Bespoke nutrition programme customised to your exact requirements for optimal results
  • Tight support system with daily support over the 3 month transformation, keeping you on track, accountable and overcoming any daily challenges or issues that may prove to cause problems
  • Body tracking taken every 2 weeks with option progress photo, showing your ongoing progress and results!
  • Health supplements plan further optimising your health and results

Platinum Package

£840 Per Month 3x Sessions Per Week

Platinum is a comprehensive package for the professional who has low energy,  is out of shape and who wants to burn fat and BOOST their fitness levels in rapid time!This is a premium package that takes care of all the training with 3x weekly personal training sessions and tailored nutrition guidance (including supplement recommendations) with instructions on what to eat, when and how much.

  • 3 x weekly personal training sessions (12 per month) with customised programmes that progress weekly
  • Bespoke fat loss (or muscle gain) nutrition plan, that’s tweaked weekly based on your rate of fat loss (or muscle gain)
  • Tailored workout plans you’ll require to make sure your progressing and getting optimal results
  • Body tracking taken every 2 weeks with option progress photo showing your ongoing progress and results!
  • Email support answering any questions and keeping you focused and accountable

Gold Package

£560 Per Month 2x Sessions Per Week

This package is for the professional who’s fed up of feeling tired, and out of shape, psychologically and physically. The Gold package has everything you need to get fitter, slimmer, leaner, in no time resulting in a confident, happier in-shape version of you!Gold is a very personal and bespoke 2 x training session per week plan with all the guidance and plans to support you in and out of the gym.

  • 2 x weekly personal training sessions (8 per month), customised training plans that progress and evolve weekly and monthly
  • Tailored fat loss (or muscle gain) nutrition plan that’s tweaked weekly on your rate of fat loss (or muscle gain)
  • Customised workout plans for you to do in the gym or at home that progress alongside our personal training sessions
  • Body tracking taken every 2 weeks, with option progress photo showing your ongoing progress and results!
  • Email support, helping you overcome any barriers and helping to overcome any challenges or issues that may arise

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OPEN FOR TRAINING In accordance with the latest government guidance, I’m taking bookings to train existing clients and new clients from local playing fields/ parks and client gardens, the studio is optimistic to re-open early July. I have extensive hygiene measures in place in regards to training equipment and social distancing.
Just like you, I’m continually monitoring all global developments in the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19. Following guidance and daily updates from the UK health authorities. I will endeavour to answer all of the commonly-asked COVID-19 and coronavirus questions, and will continue to update this page as further questions arise.