How City Professionals Blitz Fat & Carve Muscle Within Busy & Stressful Days

Fed Up Of Being Out Of Shape And Unfit With Little Energy?

Do You Feel You're Chasing Your Tail? Making Circles When It Comes To Making Positive Changes Needed To Take Charge Of Your Body?

Catch Yourself Saying I'll Start Next Week And When Monday Comes Round Something Comes Up?

I totally get you, I deal with professionals like you every day… long days with busy schedules and little time to think about what to eat never mind fitting in a fitness schedule!

We all have 168 hours per week, the difference is what we do with them and how we use each one.  I help people just like you factor in 3-4 hours of structured training each week, resulting in a fitter, stronger, leaner and more confident version of yourself in as little as 10 weeks.

Jools was instrumental in my transformation to gain back my health and shape my body. I went from 140kg and 40% body fat, to roughly 90kg and 15% body in a period of 6 months (and still improving).

Jools is an expert in body composition, techniques and nutrition. He always follows the cutting edge research and keeps adding to his repertoire. Most trainers are there to chit chat with clients...Jools is about results.

In addition, Jools was always there for me to answer any question 24/7/365. I would email, call, sms him at anytime (literally). I recall I texted him one night at 3am while reading a fitness book and he replied within 10 minutes (he was watching boxing).

It is no surprise I recommended Jools to another 10 fund managers and investment bankers in the city of London and Mayfair and I am quite happy to offer this recommendation publicly, because he absolutely deserves it.

Thank you Jools for supporting my goals.

Omiros D. Sarikas 
Investment Bankers, Private Equity Advisor and Venture Capitalist 

I first started training with Jools in April 2013 when he introduced me to weight lifting. I wanted the help of a trainer as I was tired of spending hours on the treadmill on ridiculously low calories wondering why I still looked 'soft', unhealthy and always felt tired. Jools provided me with a great training programme which taught me the fundementals of weight training and he taught me the principles of clean eating which included lots of great food - I was no longer constantly hungry and craving sugar!

After a couple of months I began to take more of an interest in weight training and aspired to look like the strong muscular women I saw in fitness magazines. The more I looked into it, the more I was driven to train harder and eat cleaner towards my goal physique. Jools and I discussed taking my training to the next level - to compete in a figure competition. I decided to compete in the UKBFF Cumbrian Classic 2014 in the Bikini Category. Jools equipped me with a very specific diet and training plan which was tailored exactly to meet my needs. It was the hardest and most challenging 10 weeks I have ever had - both physically and mentally but the experience on stage was absolutely amazing, I loved every minute of it! I went on to take 2nd place in my very first competition and I also received an invite to the finals.

i am now continuing training towards competing in the UKBFF Bikini Category Finals in October. I hope that my journey inspires other women to explore new ways of keeping fit to promote a positive body image of being strong not skinny!

Jools is an absolutely fantastic trainer, I genuinely couldn't recommend him enough. His knowledge and approach to nutrition and exercise is second to none. Jools not only supported me in one to one sessions, but he supported me throughout every step of my journey to the competition. Jools is the reason I developed a passion for bodybuilding and I can't thank him enough!

Thanks for everything Jools xx

Laura Powell 

I met Jools when I was at my biggest, a whopping 16 and a half stone.
Although I had joined a gym and was running two to three times a week I saw little or no results.I was introduced to Jools and straight away we hit it off and he was friendly and very understanding.

We sat down and talked about my life style diet and future goals. Jools told me straight away where I was going wrong and explained the value of good nutrition in a way I found easy to understand. He set me an easy to follow diet plan and we started training the very next day.Within weeks the weight was dropping off.

Although training was tough, Jools helped me through it and really encouraged me to be the best I can be. I have now dropped from a 38 inch to a 30 and toned my body far beyond my wildest dreams. I'm so full of life and energy and have gone from being overweight and shy to "ripped" and full of confidence.

I would recommend Jools to any one, not only is he my personal trainer but I consider him as a friend.Thanks mate I would never have done it without you. Not only have you trained my body but you have trained my mind too.

Scott Sumner 
Fat Loss (lost 72 lbs in 9 months)                 

I used to find it incredibly hard to motivate myself to go to the gym and always found that I wasn’t hitting my targets I was setting myself. But since beginning training with Jools I have found myself exceed all the targets I had at the start and have found myself continually pushing for the next target. Putting just over 18 pounds of lean muscle on in 9 months while also keeping my bodyfat at 12%.

Training with Jools is both enjoyable and rewarding not only does he set manageable targets and goals but provides all round advice, advising on food and nutrition, different exercising techniques depending on the current goal and in my particular case helping me with my flexibility.Without training from Jools my own training had become stagnant and was not really achieving much but now I can see the result from week to week and look forward to reaching each goal.

Rob Watts 
Lean Muscle Gain (gained 17 lbs in 9 months)

This is achieved using advanced strategies with resistance training, from bodyweight to dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, along side other training equipment that's key focus is to ramp your metabolism turning your body into a fat burning machine, building a fit, lean, healthier version of yourself!

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